Who are the lead actors of ANSI- CULTURE ?

                                                                      Andreas Wöll

Prof.h.c.Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andreas Wöll (Graduate Engineer)
Prof.h.c.Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Andreas Wöll (Graduate Engineer)

Founder and Owner of ANSI-Culture Consultants 


Successful in upper management and as director of national and international projects for more than 25 years.


Confident in exercising roles such as Managing Director, Technical Director and Vice President.


Industry knowledge: renewable energies; energy, environment, climate & ventilation technology.


Expert knowledge in energy efficiency, energy conservation measures and aquaponics.

Total project responsibility including project planning, execution and controlling.


Project lead in the set-up as well as in the strategic development of companies, divisions or 

production, business development and product management.


Dynamic hands-on personality with entrepreneurial spirit and strategic know-how.

Executive with exceptional motivational skills and cooperative team player in one person.

National and International networks in the core area “Renewables” supplemented by network in 

the area of “Aquaponics”.                                               More information you may find here - Woell Consulting

Sigurd Röber

Sigurd A. Röber
Sigurd A. Röber



Managing Owner of MARKINT Consultants.



International Marketing since 1985 in the areas of Non Food & Food.


Managing Owner of background24 - 

Internet - marketing with audio and video presentations. Movies and documentations.



International experience. 


Company leadership - Owner & consultant in different positions of marketing companies.

Lived and worked in the Netherlands for over 10 years. Spent several years living and working in New Zealand and Australia.

Many years of experience in management consulting, corporate structure, restructuring of companies and departments.

Design and optimization of production processes.

Additional training and degrees in the fields of photovoltaics and inverters.

Design and planning of plants larger than 30 kilowatts peak ( kWp)

                                                                                More information you may find here - S.Roeber MARKINT

Marco Tidona

Marco Tidona
Marco Tidona

„As a software service provider I have been looking for a real product for more than 10 years in the software and apps business and to every idea there have been one or more caveats. By accident I got into aquaponics in 2014 and started to play with plants and wanted to set up a small home system. But there were no useful and affordable growing devices on the market to provide an easy initial setup of growspaces. So I invented one.„

Our mentality at ANSI Culture

Responsibility and sustainability as a business philosophy towards our fellow human beings,

the environment and the society as a whole.

Employee and customer enthusiasm are the basis of our success.

We want everyone to be successful.

This entails continuous improvement, safety, competence, enthusiasm and passion.

We have chosen the following adjectives to express our special skills: -competent - safe - inspiring.