Advantages of Aquaponics


Food production without fertilizers

Food is substantial and free from harmful substances.

1. Water is tied into a cycle and does not seep into groundwater.     

The closed loop water system makes water part of the aquaponic system and results

in 70 – 80 % less water demand than with traditional agricultural cultivation methods.

This means that water is utilized at its optimum capacity, which is an environmentally 

friendly procedure. 

Water is lost only through evapotranspiration.


2. Independent of weather conditions – The entire system is a closed loop and is thus not 

polluted by external influences such as harmful substances

(acid rain, kerosene emissions in air corridors), air (industrial pollution, interstates/motorways and road dust).

Constant temperatures and constant environmental conditions cause plants to grow better.

The expected harvest is 8 to 10 times higher than in traditional field cultivations.

No fertilizers and pesticides.

Crop rotation can be neglected.

There is no soil erosion and the system can be utilized at any location all over the world.

Small and large systems are possible.

No artificial fertilizers, chemicals, or antibiotics.